A response to the urgent need for healing and action. A promise to support local organizations through monthly collections (financial and / or material items); to gather and distribute mindful material via Commend’s lending library; to spark meaningful and actionable conversation; to encourage focused meditation for maneuvers of change.

We will draw from the great source of information and inspiration that is our community, holding each other - and ourselves - accountable for mindful, radical acts that affect our greater universe. We seek to look outside the inner space, too, and engage deeply with the multi-layered and multi-directional healing work happening around us, before us, and after us.

The touchstone of COME! MEND! will be a monthly Town Hall meeting, inviting members of the community and knowledgeable representatives to present and unpack critical issues. Each meeting will be a new opportunity to engage and act, with a specific directive to be completed during its course.