A response to the urgent need for healing and action. A promise to support local organizations through monthly collections (financial and / or material items); to gather and distribute mindful material via Commend’s lending library; to spark meaningful and actionable conversation; to encourage focused meditation for maneuvers of change.

We will draw from the great source of information and inspiration that is our community, holding each other - and ourselves - accountable for mindful, radical acts that affect our greater universe. We seek to look outside the inner space, too, and engage deeply with the multi-layered and multi-directional healing work happening around us, before us, and after us.

The touchstone of COME! MEND! will be a monthly Town Hall meeting, inviting members of the community and knowledgeable representatives to present and unpack critical issues. Each meeting will be a new opportunity to engage and act, with a specific directive to be completed during its course.

Upcoming events:


At this month's Town Hall Meeting, we will address protecting people from harm and addressing accountability in NYC spaces, discussing safer space policy as a set of community guidelines to be shared across venues.

Venue owners, promoters and knowledgable folks on safer space policy and discourse will share information, all are encouraged to attend and share their own experiences.



Past events: