NYC Reiki practitioner Lauren Breitbart compiled this mix to compliment her Channel Reiki pamphlet (available freely and exclusively from Commend). Mixed by DJ Me. 


1) Loren Connors - "Part 5" (The Departing of a Dream)
2) Laaraji - "Deep Celestial" (Two Sides of Laaraji)
3) William Basinski - "dlp 1.3" (The Disintegration Loop)
4) John Cage - "Dream" (John Cage : Prelude For Meditation)
5) Stars of the Lid - "A Meaningful Moment Through a Meaning(Less)Process" (And Their Refinement of the Decline)
6) Tim Hecker - "Currents of Electrostasy" (An Imaginary Country)
7) Brian Eno- "Always Returning" (Apollo)
8) Loren Connors - "Whispers" (Lullaby)