The fifth in our SIDES mix series is from Commend family members and frequent collaborators Christina Vantzou and John Also Bennett.

Vantzou’s exceptional new album No. 3 was recently released on Kranky. Bennett is a member of NYC synthesis trio Forma, who also have a double album on the way on Kranky (shh, it's a secret!).


01. Claude Larson  “Infinity”

02. Jon Gibson “Cycles” (excerpt) / crossfade to:

03. Global Communication “9.39” (excerpt) / crossfade to:

04. David Hykes “Lines to a Great Lord” (excerpt) / crossfade to:

05. Kim Gordon “Walks With Men" (White Columns Records 010)

06.  Moondog “Pastoral”   

07.  La Monte Young / Marian Zazeela Drift Study VII 73 9 : 27 : 27 : 10 : 06 : 41 PM NYC Overlay with w/ Popul Vuh / Florian Fricke - Mahayana (Karuna) 

08.  Paul Dresher “Night Songs” (excerpt) / crossfade to:

09. Arthur Russell “Tower of Meaning” B side (excerpt) / crossfade to:

10. Christina Vantzou - Valley Drone (Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe “Plateau” remix) overlay with:

11.  Ariel Kalma “Pagnifico”

12.  John Adams “Light over Water” part one (excerpt) / crossfade to:

13.  Alice Coltrane Shiva-Loka (excerpt) / crossfade to:

14. Christina Vantzou - Entanglement (John Also Bennett Remix) (excerpt) / crossfade to:

15.  Laurie Spiegel The Expanding Universe B Side (excerpt reversed) overlay with:

16.  Kanye West “Wolves” crossfade back to Laurie Spiegel The Expanding Universe

17.  Meredith Monk “View 2” (excerpt) / crossfade to:

18.  Steve Roach “Structures from Silence” (reversed) overlay with:

19  Beyoncé “Pray you catch me” (CV screwed) overlay with:

20.  Something In the Sky (Jeff Mills) mystery 12" crossfade to:

21.  Penderecki Threnody to the victims of Hiroshima (excerpt)

22.  Ennio Morricone “Once Upon a Time in the West”