These pieces of music were collected and arranged by Christina Vanztou following our Wild Facts Wikipedia edit-a-thon at Commend on Sunday, December 11, during which information about the below artists was shared, meditated upon, and added to Wikipedia. Thank you to all who were involved in the first edition of Wild Facts.

Photos by Grace Anne Barnes

Photos by Grace Anne Barnes


01. Pauline Anna Strom “Gossamer SIlk”  crossfade to

02. Maggi Payne “Flights Of Fancy” crossfade to

03. Claire Hamill “Sleep” crossfade to 

04. Felicia Atkinson “L’Oeil” crossfade to

05. Joan La Barbara “Twelvesong” - excerpt - crossfade to

06. Joan La Barbara “Erin” - excerpt - crossfade to

07. Joanna Brouk “Fire Breath” - excerpt - slow crossfade to

08. Joanna Brouk “The Creative”  - excerpt -  crossfade to

09. Annea Lockwood “Immersion” - excerpt - crossfade to

10. 16 Daphne Oram “Pulse Persephone” - overlay with

11. Daphne Oram “Single Sounds in Canon” crossfade to

12. Eliane Radigue “Geelriandre” - excerpt -  overlay with

13. Eliane Radigue “L’île re-sonante” crossfade to

14. Pauline Anna “Emerald Pool” crossfade to 

15. Michele Musser “In The Air” crossfade to

16. Miyako Koda “Butter”

17. Laurie Spiegel “East River Dawn”